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Mr. Ashwani Gujral in Manipal Institute of Technology - Alumni Meet

Ashwani Gujral Rakes In Big Bucks from F&O Trading & Inspires Novices

Novice investors have always wondered whether big bucks can be made from trading in stocks. Ashwani Gujral, the noted expert, has cleared the doubt by revealing top-secret information about the massive gains that he has personally raked in

Hefty gains gush in from Bank Nifty options

Ashwani Gujral has a penchant for revealing the gains that he has made at the end of each trading session.
For instance, on 26th June 2017, he raked in a massive MTM gain of Rs. 6,16,106 out of buying and selling 13,000 Bank Nifty Futures.

He bought the futures at Rs. 23,334.57 and sold them at Rs. 23,381.96. Just that small difference was sufficient to rake in the massive gains.
He also sent the message that we have to “learn to trade on both sides” and not cry about the market coming down.
On the very next day, Ashwani Gujral had a double dose of luck. He raked in Rs. 3.65 lakh and Rs. 5.66 lakh, again by trading in the Nifty Bank Futures.

The good luck streak continued on the next day with another chunk of Rs. 4.90 lakh gushing into his pocket.

Novice traders are thrilled

Prima facie, Ashwani Gujral’s game plan in revealing top-secret information about his gains is to inspire young traders who are feeling inhibited about trading.
This is having the desired effect if one goes by the comments of his followers.

What about the losses?

Some astute traders observed that Ashwani Gujral posts data only about his gains and not about his losses.
So, they demanded an explanation about the losses.

Entire data of trading profit and loss reveals gain of Rs. 45 lakh in less than a month

Now, to answer the justified demand of his followers, Ashwani Gujral has revealed data of the trades that he placed in the period from 23rd June to 19th July.

A study of the data reveals that 18 trades were placed. Of these, three have resulted in a loss while fifteen have resulted in a gain.
All the figures are more or less within a range which indicates that a tight control on exposure is maintained.
Usually, traders have a profit booking/ stop loss mechanism which ensures that the gains are booked in timely intervals and losses are nipped in the bud.

Rs. 45 lakh gain in one month

The end result of the exercise is that Ashwani Gujral has taken home handsome gains of Rs. 45 lakh for the period of less than 30 days.

Annual income of Rs. 3-5 crore from only trading?

If one extrapolates the monthly earning, it implies that Ashwani Gujral’s annual income may be in the range of Rs. 3-5 crore, which is massive by any standard.

Should novice investors make a foray into trading?

Taking a cue from Ashwani Gujral’s spectacular success, there is no reason why novice investors should not make a foray towards trading at least by taking baby steps. A little bit of punting here and there may be harmless provided we also pay heed to aspects like stop loss etc. Once we get a grip on the nuances of trading and master it, we can slowly and steadily increase our position. Who knows, the luck which has eluded us in investments may be waiting for us in trading!